Create Unlimited Canva Pro Lifetime Account For Free in 2022

 Create Unlimited Canva Pro Lifetime Account For Free, How To Get Canva Pro for FREE, Canva Pro for Education, How to use Canva pro for free lifetime, Please see the instructions in the following article. 

Create Unlimited Canva Pro Lifetime Account For Free

  You want to buy a cheap permanent canva pro account but can't, you want to find a way to use canva pro for free (use the temple). These are completely bogus, as the monthly cost to sign up for a canva pro account is very high for single active individual. Like me for example.

  Canva Pro allows you to design images and logos for multiple platforms such as facebook, fanpage, instagram, pinterest, etc. But if you want to get the most out of this tool, you must upgrade to premium or Canva Pro .

  After being fixed how to get Canva Pro for free for 30 days, I researched a new way to do it. especially it can help you to use Canva Pro for free, for a long time rather than 1 month.

  To be able to update how to bypass Canva Pro copyright, everyone should save Bookmark this article or use the syntax below to easily update the new method more easily.

1. What is Canva Pro?

  As I introduced above, Canva is a free design tool on the online platform, it still has an APP to help users use it on the mobile platform. As for the Canva Pro package, it's easier to design, when already beautiful sample photos are available.

  Designable World was launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower people around the world to design anything and publish it anywhere.

  Canva is a website that allows anyone to create their own graphic products by providing a lot of templates, lots of interesting drawings.

  P/s: you can also upload your own content such as icons, images, ... and edit as you like.

  Your job is simply to rotate, arrange, overlap, drag to the corresponding position, zoom the drawing blocks to create a "best work" without knowing anything about Illustrator or Photoshop. Design the most beautiful and quality design files.

2. What's hot in Canva Pro? 

  Simply create a free Canva account and try it for 20 minutes to design any logo. Then you will find that the Pro plan allows you to add more Pro elements, and the feature tabs reserved for Pro members are also fully opened and more convenient.

  Canva has support for teachers and students, with Canva Education package, Canva design online full of features, images, effects like Canva Pro package.

  Original price when you buy Canva Pro yourself at is: 12.99 USD / 1 month (1 month bill), 119.99 USD / 1 year (1 year bill, save 35.89 USD), will get:

  • More than 85 million premium photo, video, audio and graphics stock.
  • 450,000+ free templates with new designs everyday.
  • Create a Branding Kit and upload your own fonts and logos.
  • Unlimited use of Background Remover.
  • Infinitely resize designs with Magic Resize.
  • Save the design as a template for your team to use.
  • 150GB of cloud storage.

  Schedule photos to automatically post on social networks, supporting 8 platforms: Instagram for business, Fanpage Facebook, Group Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin Profile, Linkedin Page, Tumblr, Slack.

  Canva is a tool often used to create banners, posters or photos posted on facebook. Canva has Free, Pro and Edu packages, of course, Free is definitely worse than Pro and Edu. Today I will guide you to create a free Canva Edu account for 1000 years to use until your child's life, that is, without losing money.

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3. How to use Canva Pro Free for 1 month

+ Step 1: Go to Canva Pro Homepage.

  After entering the homepage, click the "Registration" button in the upper right corner of the browser.

Create Unlimited Canva Pro Lifetime Account For Free

Then, click to Sign by Email

Canva Premium Account Free

+ Step 2: Create Virtual Email Account.

  To be able to register for an account, you must have an email, if you don't have one, create yourself any email.

  And if you do not want to use real email, there is a second way, which is temporary email, also known as "virtual mail".

  Create a temporary email here:

Canva Premium Account Free

  The system will now create an email address for you, click the blue button to copy that email address, and move on to the next step.

+ Step 3: Return to the Canva Account Creation page.

  Go back to the account creation page, paste or enter the email you just created to register, the password you set yourself.

Canva Pro Account free

  Fill in all the fields and click “try it now”. It will then redirect to the new page, and ask for the activation code for that account. You immediately return to the page that created the email you just created.

+ Step 4: Return to the Create Email page.

  Here, you drag down to see the activation code sent to the temporary mailbox. You remember this 6-digit code and go back to the account registration page to enter it.

free Canva account

  Enter the account activation code and click “Done”. So you already have a free Canva account, all that's left is to upgrade it to Pro .

  Proceed to fill in the basic information and move on to the next step!

  After that, it appears inviting to groups, you click “FOLLOW” and go through this step.

Next, it asks “What will you use the canva for” you choose “Individual” or “Personal”.

+ Step 5: Try Canva Pro Free 30 Days

  When the above message appears, click "Try it for free for 30 days". You select “CONTINUE” to move to the next step.

Try Canva Pro Free 30 Days

  After creating, a new interface will appear, here you choose "teacher" or "personal". Then click “get my free trial”.

Try Canva Pro Free 30 Days

  If you accidentally forget, select "Try Canva Pro" in the upper right corner of the screen, at this time a message to enter payment information (ie Visa card) will appear. After the 30th day Canva will collect the usage fee from this card, so we will use the virtual card.

+ Step 6: Create Virtual Visa Card

  To create a virtual Visa, visit the following website:

Enter “531978” and press Generate

At this point, a table of the following form will appear:



In there:

 The first sequence of numbers is a 16-digit card code

Expiration date and month are next 4 numbers, for example: 2023 means 20/23

The secret code or authentication code is the last 3 numbers, ie 545

+ Step 7: Confirm

After confirming

+ Step 8: Finish Creating Cheap Canva Pro.

  If you have finished using it for a month (ie 30 days) but forgot your blog, or want to find this article directly, you can search on Google with the syntax: "magiamgia79 + Canva" and this article will be published or facebook support.

  Wish you success, remember to like and share!!!

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