How to get Canva Education Premium Account 2023

  How to get Canva Education Premium Account, you are looking for Canva for Education free graphic design, Canvas education, how to receive Canva Pro Edu email. Refer to the steps to use Canva Pro for life below.

How to get Canva Education Premium Account

1. How to get Canva Education Premium Account.

  How to create a Canva for education account, that is, an account type exclusively for teachers and students with .edu emails. What's even better is that this method is 100% successful. 

+ Step 1: Create Email .Edu:

  To be able to create an Email with the .edu extension, click on the link below.
  This is a site that provides a temporary email address similar to method 1, but the special thing here is that it allows users to get a .edu domain name.

Canva Education Premium Account

  At the main interface you will be provided with an Email address, if you feel satisfied, click Copy to proceed to step 2, or click the Delete Email Address button to change another Email.

+ Step 2: Create a Canva For Education Account.

  To create a Canva For Education account.

Create a Canva For Education Account

  Now you click "Sign Up With Email" to proceed to create a Canva Pro ID by Email like step 1, but at the step of entering OTP sent to Email, you return to the page you just created Email to get the confirmation code.

How to get Canva Education

+ Step 3: Get the OTP code:

  Go back to step 1 then drag the mouse down to check the Inbox section of the Temporary Email.
  Have not received the OTP, click on the Email header to Reset. If you wait a long time but there is no OTP of 6 numbers returned, then click on the line "If you receive any email, it will be shown in here!" to reset and get OTP. The result will be as shown. Then activate the account with the last 6 numbers.
  If this suggestion appears, click “For later”.

Canvas education

+ Step 4: Verify Canva Edu Account Creation:

  Next, Canva will ask you to choose an appropriate category including students, teachers, individuals, etc. Then click on the Teacher.
  Then click “Verify” and let things happen naturally.
  In case you want to use your own email address, you can go into the settings and edit the email address.

2. Ending.

  The above are very enthusiastic guides about my Canva Pro, if you need to provide any information about Canva Pro, you can contact me or comment below. I will reply or update as soon as possible. Good luck!!

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