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1. What is is a keyword research tool focused on marketplaces (Amazon, eBay), Apple’s App Store, Instagram hashtag research, Youtube, Google and Bing.

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  Of course, if you’re looking for a Google keyword research tool, this is just another option on the market, but if you’re looking for an Amazon keyword research tool with monthly search estimations and seasonality data, you will have to rely on Keywordtool’s data.

2. Share Account Free.

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3. How Does Keywordtool.Io Pro (Paid Version) Work?

  The paid version of is available on: Pro (i.e. the paid version) can extract keywords through multiple sources including:
  • Google Suggest (or Google Autocomplete)
  • Youtube
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google Play Store
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  For each keyword, the following data is only available in the paid version.
  • Search volume
  • Trend
  • CPC (in US$)
  • Competition
  You can get search volume data with additional data for all 192 countries, 47,035 locations and 46 languages.
  For your list of keywords that are generated by, you can export all keywords with all the corresponding data to spreadsheets in CSV format.

4. Vs. Google Keyword Planner.

  Why is a better keyword tool than Google Keyword Planner (i.e. Adwords keyword tool)?
  To use the Google Keyword Planner tool, you are required to first register a Google Adwords (Ads) account. You may use your Gmail to register, or create a new Gmail.
  Google Keyword Planner provides keyword data including:
  • Avg. monthly searches (i.e. average from the past 12 months)
  • Competition (e.g. Low, Medium, High)
  • Ad impression share
  • Top of page bid (low range)
  • Top of page bid (high range)
  Google Keyword Planner provides keywords mostly with relatively higher search volume, but it does not show many other keywords with lower search volume.
  The lower search volume keywords could have accumulated a relatively large search volume. They are the long tail keywords for your website to get SEO traffic from Google and other search engines organically. Pro can generate up to 20 keywords per search term on Google, 25 keywords on YouTube, 25 keywords on Bing, 10 keywords on Amazon, 10 keywords on eBay, and 5 keywords on Google Play Store. Within these keyword suggestions, many of them are long tailed keywords for your website’s SEO.
  On average this gives you two times more keyword suggestions (including long tail keywords with high search volume and low competition) than Adwords keyword tool.
The keywords suggested by Google can complement one another. By merging the keywords from both tools, you will end up with a comprehensive keyword list for your niche (or industry).

5. How To Use Keywordtool.Io For Website Seo?

  One method when using for your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) is to create content with the suggested keywords.
  Enter a core (or generic) keyword of your niche into the tool, and you will quickly get a list of keyword suggestion.
  Prioritize the suggested keywords based on the highest search volume and the lowest competition.
  Add the keywords to the content of your web pages based on the above priorities.
  When following this approach, you are adding the relevant keywords to your website content. This is a good start when increasing Google SEO traffic to your site and improving the values of your content for your website visitors.

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